Our strategy first and foremost is advice all our clients to manage their diet in a way they can achieve long-lasting changes in order to notice beneficial changes to their health and wellbeing. Though not appropriate for all, high quality, well-formulated natural foods that can supplement healthy diet can be a useful addition to protocols for those who want to take them.

We provide technical expertise to clients in food retail and manufacturing sectors. Our services range from a simple packaging and labelling consultation to nutritional profiling of a new product and large scale manufacturing consultancy. Established team of consultant both in the UK and in Ethiopia can help you with all your manufacturing requirements.

We provide training, seminar and workshops on a range of topics.

Example of past work is as follows,

  • The role of probiotics in baby food with Nestle Nutrition
  • The role of nutrition in health and disease with Ministry of sport and youth
  • Sports nutrition with Olympic commission

We have six lines of health products is currently manufacturing at small scale.

The products are designed in mind of proving a plant based, high fibber and balanced products.

Please see under products section for more details on our products

As part of nutritional consultancy, we provide a state of the art whole body scanning machine that provides detailed information on body fat mass, bone muscle mass and water retention.
In addition to being a preferred technology in monitoring and follow up for osteoporosis, regional data on fat, muscle and bone are provided and can be used in several domains such as

– Sports and Sport Medicine
– Wellness and Well-being
– Medical